Video – Fox and Owl Pants

Want to watch me make a project from start to finish? Now you can! Here’s the video of the making of two pairs of PJ pants from McCall’s M6972.

You get to see all steps of the project:

  1. Laying out the fabric and pattern, and cutting it out with markings
  2. Constructing the basic pants pieces
  3. Inserting a zipper into a side seam pocket
  4. Finishing the pants with an elastic casing waistband and hemming the pants

Throughout, you also get to see the different techniques I used:

  • Using both a regular sewing machine and serger, and why I used each at different phases
  • Inserting a zipper into a pocket – who doesn’t love pockets, but now nothing will fall out!
  • How to distribute the shape along the entire seam so they are even from end to end – no uneven seams here!


Watch the video, leave a comment here or on the video, and enjoy!

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